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It is an overwhelming trend worldwide that people obtain their ideal body shape or just to staying healthy by going to GYM, YOGA or JOGGING recently. While exercising in a disciplined manner is important, what you may not know is the fact that the food intake every day is no less important than the exercises you do to create or keep a healthy lifestyle.

People in Hong Kong, however, are busy with their work every day and night and do not have time to prepare the RIGHT and GOOD food. Those who work out frequently may have experience to take protein shakes or unknown supplements which may contain artificial materials after their workouts. Others could possibly simply ignore the nutrition combination they need. We believe that the best source of necessary nutrition is natural quality food and, we all deserve decent meals to treat our body.

MEALTHY food preparation service provides RESULTED-ORIENTED Meal Preps for Professional Bodybuilders, Gym-Goers, Athletes and Yoga Trainers as well as Boxers to obtain healthy meals every day. We believe that a planned scheme with precise nutrition intake is the key to reach your goals no matter you would like to lose fat, keep fit or gain muscles.

Mealthy combines 2 words which are Healthy and Meal. So when you see Mealthy, a very first impression is healthy meal. Our slogan “Gym out of the Gym” highlights that you can move towards your goal even if you are not exercising in the training centers with our Mealthy meal sets. Mealthy aims

  • To provide PRECISE, PLANNED & PLAIN Meal Preps to customers by CONVENIENT, QUICK and AFFORDABLE means
  • To let our customers know what nutrition they have in every meal and how it can help them to ACHIEVE TRAINING GOALS
  • To educate Hong Kong people about the importance of healthy & clean eating and lifestyle

The nutrient information is referring to Nutrient Information Inquiry System (NIIS) at Centre for Food Safety by specified cooking and storage methods. The nutrition details for each box can be seen in ordering page before you order.

Our chef will make sure every Swallow meal containing around 350 (Standard) / 300 (Low-carbs) calories with 40g good quality protein and the Eagle meal containing around 450 (Standard) / 350 (Low-carbs) calories with 50g good quality protein. You will never feel disappointed for the box size even if you are an active Gym-lover. Other nutrient details can be seen in the ordering page or on every meal box.

We promise that every single meal is Made-To-Order and our chefs will keep finding out the best sources and ingredients to make the best healthy meals you can get. All Meals are prepared in our Licensed Food Factory with permitted No. 2992001852. Details could be found at the website of Food & Environmental Hygiene Department.

After meals are cooked, they will be cooled down and be frozen immediately to extend serving days. The meals are delivered by a refrigeration van which meets the European Food Safety Standard. The meal boxes are contained in a paper box, which extends the frozen time when you commute with the meals. We deliver meals twice a week so that all your meals are fresh enough.

We also emphasize using only fresh products without any artificial flavorings, colorings and preservatives.

Sure. Your meal plan* will be shown in the websites in ordering page.

*If some of the ingredients or sources are not seasonal or a lack of supply, we may use another close substitutions.

Our chefs will keep maintaining food variety and nutrient balance so that you can have different choices in your meals. If you have any food or ingredients allergy, please let us know when you make order so that we can make some adjustment for you.

Yes we do. Please reach us at +852 9565 7765 or by email [email protected] for more details.

Yes sure. Please contact us at +852 9565 7765 or by email [email protected] for more detailed discussion.

Yes. We are happy to do that. Please contact us at +852 9565 7765 or by email [email protected] for more detailed discussion.