1. Order Online
  • Select a scheme (Swallow or Eagle)
  • Select a plan (20 meals or 40 meals per 2 weeks)
  • Register and fill in required contact details
  • Order and make payment according to the confirmation email
Delivery Schedule
Payment Made (before 6pm) First Delivery
Sunday Thursday
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Next Monday
Wednesday Next Monday
Thursday Next Thursday
Friday Next Thursday
Saturday Next Thursday

Meals will be delivered 4 times in 2 weeks. You will receive:

  • on Monday: 6 Meals (20 meals/2 weeks) or 12 Meals (40 meals/2 weeks)
  • on Thursday: 4 Meals (20 meals/2 weeks) or 8 Meals (40 meals/2 weeks)
* Specific delivery time will be applied to remote areas, please check here for details: EN/TC.