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Busy lives make eating well hard

Struggling to Maintain a Healthy Diet?

Balancing work and a healthy diet is tough. Long hours and hectic schedules often lead to poor food choices and missed health goals.

We make healthy eating easy and convenient

Mealthy is Here to Help

Mealthy delivers chef-prepared, high-protein meals right to your door. Enjoy nutritious, delicious meals without the hassle.

Three Simple Steps to Nutritious Meals

How it works

  • 1. Choose a Meal Plan

    Select the meal plan that fits your dietary goals.

  • 2. Subscribe to Mealthy

    Choose your weekly meal quantity and place your order.

  • 3. Receive Your Meals

    Enjoy convenient delivery, heat, and eat.

  • "Mealthy is on a mission to provide the ultimate solution to food-prep flexibility..."

  • "A range of healthy pre-packed meals by Mealthy"

  • "Mealthy’s plans are laser-targeted at helping you achieve fat loss or muscle gain goals..."

  • "Mealthy Food is a result-oriented meal prep service that aims to help you build muscle and lose fat through its meal plans. "

  • "making Mealthy perfect for those who are conscious about nutrition"

  • "their chefs will select the premium and seasonal ingredients, with accurate portion controls"

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Success Stories from Our Clients

What Our Customers Are Saying

Sealed for extended freshness

Freshness Guaranteed

Our meals are blast chilled and sealed for extended freshness, ensuring you get the best quality every time.

Convenient twice-weekly deliveries

Flexible Delivery

Convenient twice-weekly deliveries give you the flexibility to enjoy your meals at your own pace.

Choose your favorite meals

Your Choice, Your Meals

Handpick your favorite dishes. With new menus every week, you'll never get bored.

This Week's Low-Carb Menu

Fuel Your Body with Nourishing Low-Carb Meals

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Ready-made Meals Starting at HK$89 per Meal

Enjoy fully-prepared, fresh meals delivered right to your doorstep. No long-term commitment needed — flexibility to skip or cancel anytime.

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Chef's Choice

Nourishing and Delicious Healthy Meals

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Why Choose Mealthy?

At Mealthy, we make healthy eating effortless.

Choose from a variety of high-protein meals, fiber-rich sides, and low-carb options like cauliflower rice.

Plus, our snack plans include gut-friendly fermented foods.

Enjoy convenience without compromising on health or taste.

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