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This Week's Low-Carb Menu

Fuel Your Body with Nourishing Low-Carb Meals

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    Nutritious, made-to-order dishes crafted with care.

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    Meals designed to help you achieve real health results.

  • "Mealthy is on a mission to provide the ultimate solution to food-prep flexibility..."

  • "A range of healthy pre-packed meals by Mealthy"

  • "Mealthy’s plans are laser-targeted at helping you achieve fat loss or muscle gain goals..."

  • "Mealthy Food is a result-oriented meal prep service that aims to help you build muscle and lose fat through its meal plans. "

  • "making Mealthy perfect for those who are conscious about nutrition"

  • "their chefs will select the premium and seasonal ingredients, with accurate portion controls"

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Nourishing and Delicious Healthy Meals

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Ready-made Meals Starting at HK$89 per Meal

Enjoy fully-prepared, fresh meals delivered right to your doorstep. No long-term commitment needed — flexibility to skip or cancel anytime.

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Mealthy is all about making healthy eating easy.

We offer a variety of high-protein choices, healthy sides packed with fiber, and a low-carb menu with options like cauliflower rice.

Plus, our snacks plan features fermented foods for gut health

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