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Calories 140kcl Protein 27g Carbs 0g Fat 3g

Tender Chicken Breast (Ready-to-Eat)

Tender Chicken Breast (Ready-to-Eat)


Savor the simplicity and goodness of our Ready-to-Eat Tender Chicken Breast, the perfect addition to any meal when time is of the essence. Expertly cooked to ensure each slice is succulent and full of flavor, our chicken breast offers the ultimate in convenience without compromising on nutrition.

Key Features:

  • Convenience: Fully cooked and ready to eat, our chicken breast saves you time and effort. Just open, serve, and enjoy!
  • Tender & Juicy: Prepared to perfection, our chicken breast is tender and juicy, making every bite a delight.
  • Nutrition-Rich: Packed with high-quality protein and essential nutrients, it supports your healthy lifestyle.
  • Versatile: Whether you add it to salads, sandwiches, or enjoy it as a main dish, our chicken breast complements any recipe.

Ideal for busy professionals, health-conscious individuals, or anyone who loves the flavor of chicken without the hassle of preparation. Make mealtime effortless with our Ready-to-Eat Tender Chicken Breast, and enjoy delicious nutrition at its best.


Calories 140kcl

Protein 27g

Carbs 0g

Fat 3g


Chicken Breast, Water, Modified Starch, Salt, Emulsifying Salt, Acidity Regulator, White Pepper, Sugar, Flavour Enhancer, Maltodextrin, Chicken Powder, Soybean, Distilled Vinegar, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder

Net weight: 100g


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