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Calories 121kcl Protein 21g Carbs 9g Fat 0g

High Protein Super Spoon Yoghurt

High Protein Super Spoon Yoghurt

Kri Kri

Unlock the power of protein with Super Spoon High-Protein Greek Yogurt, made in the heart of Greece’s fertile Struma Valley. Each cup delivers an impressive 21 grams of natural protein, perfect for fueling your body with the strength and energy you need for a busy day. Enjoy a fat-free, creamy texture that doesn’t compromise on flavor, making each spoonful a delightful experience.

Keep refridgerated below 6°C

About Kri Kri: Founded in 1954 and nestled just 3km from the town of Serres, Kri Kri S.A. stands as a testament to tradition and quality. Operating from a high-standard production plant, we proudly craft our yogurt and ice cream using 100% Greek milk, cherished both locally and internationally.

Ideal for health-conscious individuals, this yogurt is not only a powerhouse of protein but also supports a balanced diet. Whether you're looking for a post-workout recovery treat or a nutritious snack to carry you through the day, Kri Kri High-Protein Strained Yogurt is your perfect choice.


Calories 121kcl

Protein 21g

Carbs 9g

Fat 0g


Concentrated and fresh skimmed cow's milk, yoghurt culture. Milk origin: EU

Net weight: 205g


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